Clinical Redesign helpsĀ deliverĀ better healthcare outcomes

Health Partners Consortium

Health Services Innovation Tasmania (HSI Tas) is managing a program of Clinical Redesign for Tasmania which involves the Tasmanian Health Service as well as other healthcare providers and planners across the state. The Health Partners Consortium facilitates collaboration from key players:

The Health Partners Consortium Framework and Terms of Reference were endorsed and adopted in April 2014.


The Consortium will provide support to Health Services Innovation Tasmania through expert guidance, advice and local leadership.


The Consortium will provide guidance and advice on:



The Consortium is comprised of the following members:


A minimum of four meetings will be held each year, with timing and venues determined by the Chair.
The agenda for each meeting shall be determined by the Chair. Consortium members will be able to nominate topics for the agenda, as noted above. Each meeting will consider, inter alia, reports from the Co-Director/s regarding:

The Program will provide Secretariat support, including distribution of records of the meetings to all Consortium members. The Secretariat shall be responsible for keeping the minutes of meetings of the Consortium and circulating them to Consortium members.