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Evaluating Interventions Workshop a Great Success

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University and health system personnel from across Tasmania benefitted from a two-day Evaluating Interventions, Services or Improvements workshop delivered by distinguished guest, Professor John Ovretveit. The workshop gave attendees the tools and skills to do an evaluation and assess whether various evaluation models will actually deliver the goods. The workshop was hands on with attendees working in groups to assess and plan practical evaluations. Feedback about the workshop was excellent. Attendees valued John’s “sharpness in understanding”, his “dry humour” and “knowledge and experience”.

In addition to the workshop, Professor Ovretveit presented at the RHH Grand Round, attended an executive meeting with the Department of Health and Human Services and spent time with PhD students providing valuable insights into their research and methodology.

Professor Ovetveit is Director of Research and Professor of Health Innovation Implementation and Evaluation at the Karolinska Instituet, Sweden. We thank him for his time and for the opportunity for so many to benefit from his expertise.